The Civic Conservative Party

The Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR) Council Meeting of March 25th, 2011 has unanimously accepted the membership application of the Civic Conservative Party (OKS) from the Slovak Republic.

The Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE) is Europe’s fastest growing political movement. Founded in 2010 by the British Conservative Party, today ACRE is the third largest of the European Political families with more than 42 national member parties and groups within in the European Parliament, Council of Europe, Committee of the Regions, OSCE and NATO Parliamentary Assemblies. United by the Centre-Right values expressed in the Reykjavik Declaration, ACRE promotes individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, private property, limited government, free trade, family values and the devolution of power both in Europe and across the world.

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AECR & ECR Group Leaders Summit | October 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron and OKS Chairman Ondrej Dostál | October 2012

ECR leaders‘ first pre-summit meeting | October 2012, Brussels

Statement by the Slovak Civic Conservative Party (OKS) with regard to the death of Margaret Thatcher

ImageIt was with great sorrow that the Slovak Civic Conservative Party (OKS) received the news of the death of Baroness Thatcher, former British Prime Minister and leader of the British Conservative Party.
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The Civic Conservative Party Political Principles

The Civic Conservative Party is the civic, democratic and conservative party.

In political life it respects people regardless of their religion, race and nationality. Its aim is to pursue conservative values stemming from the inner need of individuals to live in a world whose highest value is personal freedom tempered by personal responsibility and an awareness of personal obligations towards society.

The Civic Conservative Party understands politics, in the first place, as a form of the public duty to create and enforce values.

The Civic Conservative Party is the party of reforms. It rejects all kinds of social engineering and useless revolutions. Its approach is based on order and continuity.

The Civic Conservative Party rejects totalitarianism and autocracy. It rejects historical as well as current value relativism. It respects the historical memory as a part of the national cultural identity and thus rejects lining up behind autocracy, communism and fascism.

The aim of the Civic Conservative Party is to pursue the system of European conservative values such as consistency, veracity, fairness, honesty, respectability, solidarity, and observance of written and non-written treaties and agreements.

The Civic Conservatives‘ Memorandum – Politics in All Weather

The aim of the reforms after November was not to force people to accept unproved and artificial experiments. On the contrary, their aim was to acknowledge what was normal and proven, to restore values which the communist experiment seriously damaged and tried to destroy. The loss of trust in reforms leads to a loss of faith in values, which are needed to bring back reform. It deepens the moral miasma, which is the residuum of the communist regime. The outcome is cynicism, apathy and the overall lowering of social and political culture. The loss of trust in approved values makes possible the success of false solutions and the ensuing failures, which exacerbate the current baleful situation.

And the new conservative politics must directly confront these false solutions. The adjective „conservative“ does not mean any opposition against reforms but the honest conception of the reforms, whose aim is the promotion of proven approaches. The aim of conservative politics is the kind of societal structure which, on one hand, allows people to enjoy the blessed gift of freedom and, on the other hand, gives them the feeling of mutual responsibility. As conservatives know, the essential responsibility towards their fathers, which must not be suspended, is freedom of speech. And finally, this is the essential responsibility towards their descendants, the needs of whom cannot be postponed in the name of satisfying immediate pleasures.

The right-wing parties in the Slovak Republic are seriously jeopardized. They are trying to resolve their weaknesses by changing their appearance or by issuing catch phrases, as if these were enough. Such approaches are condemned to miss the mark. Success is possible only with honest follow-up of the effort already begun and does not come overnight.